As a critical care paramedic turned software engineer, I have always been driven by a desire to help others. Through years of providing emergency medical care, I honed my ability to think quickly and adapt to ever-changing situations. Now, as a software engineer, I apply those same skills to develop innovative solutions that improve the lives of others. With a deep understanding of the importance of reliable, efficient systems, I am committed to delivering software that not only meets, but exceeds expectations. Whether it's designing new applications or troubleshooting existing ones, I am dedicated to finding creative solutions to complex problems. By the way, check out my awesome work.

Some highlights so far...

Block Busted
Blockbusted: a web application that authenticates a user, allows them to search for movies or tv shows. They are displayed a list of interactive results, which lead the way to details and streaming options for the selection. Also, the user is able to track movies or shows through their own watch list.
A Full stack Application created with Javascript, React, and Docker to deliver a full-service car dealership management interface. You can add lots of data, filter through data, sort data. Can show history of service appointments as well as sales.


ANTON DECESARE | 443-812-8835 |LinkedIn|GitLab| New Market, MD


Programming Languages:

Python3, Javascript ES6+, SQL, HTML 5, CSS

System Design:

Monoliths, Microservices, Domain-Driven Design, Message passing, Event sourcing


Django 4, Docker, FastAPI, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ


DOM manipulation, Websockets, React.js, React Hooks, Redux Toolkit


Cars4U| Engineer | Full-stack | 2023

Full Service Car Dealership Application
  • Combined Python3 and React.js to create a microservice based application using react hooks and RESTful API's to display, create, and search for information
  • Developed a polling function to communicate between microservices
  • Application merged with another engineer, requiring communication and accurate usage of git

BlockBusted | Engineer | Full-stack | 2023

Application to search and view movies, features streaming availability and user watchlist
  • Created a modern, responsive interface using React and JavaScript, powered by FastAPI backend and MongoDB
  • Utilized a robust and secure user authentication using JWT tokens to ensure authorized access to the app's features and functionalities and stores users and their information in MongoDB
  • Streamlined integration with streaming services to directly link to available options, enabling users to quickly and easily watch their desired movie online


Paramedic for University of Maryland ExpressCare (2015 - 2021)

  • Functioned in an autonomous environment in critical care, emergency and flight medicine involving multiple sensitive medications, artificial ventilation, EKG, invasive line monitoring, intra-aortic balloon pump, ECMO and other high acuity situations and/or equipment
  • Effectively lead teams of two to six through high stress, high pressure medical transports, including Covid+ Protocol, for Maryland Shock Trauma Center
  • Certified by a nationally accredited program in :
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
    • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
    • Advanced Trauma Life Support
    • Tactical and Casualty Care
    • Neonatal Resuscitation
    • CPR-Healthcare
    • S.T.A.B.L.E.

EMT for Transcare Ambulance (2011-2015)

  • Operated in high volume, high density areas in autonomous and sensitive situations
  • Able to use critical thinking to gather a robust amount of information and find pertinent patterns given by patient, location, and situation to find necessary details for treatment decision and deployment methodologies


  • Hack Reactor
    Advanced Software Engineering Certificate (2023)
  • Howard Community College
    National and State Paramedic Certification (2014)
    National and State EMT Certification (2011)
  • Lycoming College
    Advancement towards Quantitative Economics Degree 2007-2009